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            Guangdong JieYang Shixing Industry&Trading CO.,LTD is one of the earlier professional finshing stainless steel cold-rolled coil steel enterprises in our region, our products adapt to the wide range for production of heat-resistant kitchen utenslls, electrical accessories, medical equipment, auto parts, construction and decoration, and other fields, The company has considerable finacial strength and a large number of high-quality management and technical personel. Products have a certain influence while putting into the domestic and foreign markets, and sales network spread  Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhejiang, Shandong ,Chaozhou and other regions, also the United States, Canada, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries.

            Our company has a full-scale production of advanced process facilities. rolling processing: Different models, precise reversible cold-rolled stainless steel Machine Group. Thermal refining: Using the continuous annealing furnace, bright Batch annealing furnace and other equipment. Surface processing: Machinable 1600mm Coil pickling of stainless steel production line. Product material: Adopt domestic Baosteel, JISCO, TISCO and import POSCO,Krupp. item number:SUS430.SUS410S.SUH409L.The main products: cold-rolled stainless steel Coil, finishing thickness of 0.2mm-2.0mm x width of 200mm-1250mm,the quality of product surface can reach BA,2BB,2B levels, the quality of products is leading in this industry.

            Our company is establishing a people-oriented concept, and promoting “pragmatic, exploiting, innovation and development”. Adhering to the business purpose “integrity first, efficiency”, the development of company will be built for customers by valuable product, we will go forward hand in hand based on achieving  a win-win and good long-term relationship.

            Welcome all the old and new customers to visit and cooperate with us.


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